Winter Olympic Games Public Artwork

Winter Waltz

The sculpture consists of several abstracted images of winter sports athletes linked together to form a ring. The individual forms are extremely dynamic, as if the athletes were caught in motion using a high-speed camera. It symbolizes the athletes from all over the world who will meet in Beijing in 2022 to compete with passion. It vividly embodies the vision of 'pure ice and snow, passionate date' of the Winter Olympic Games and fulfills the vision of "building a community with a shared future for mankind".

The sculpture ring rises up on both sides, enriching the overall sense of motion while naturally forming an entrance, allowing visitors to freely enter and exit the circle, enriching the spatial level and increasing interactive interest. It not only becomes an artwork that can be viewed from afar, but also an urban landscape that can be played with, reflecting the concept of 'green, inclusive, open and clean'.

The sculpture is located at the northeast corner of Qunming Lake in Shougang Park, backed by the industrial heritage High Line Park, facing Qunming Lake, and looking across the lake from the ski jumping platform of the Winter Olympics venue, forming a counter-view. The sculpture is 13.5m in diameter and 7.1m in height, covering an area of about 143㎡, made of mirror stainless steel and built by a combination of 3D printing technology and hand hammering and forging technology, which is a collision of modern technology and steel heavy industry. It is a collision of modern technology and the steel industry. It realizes the look across time and space between steel relics and modern technology, Winter Olympic venues, and urban sculpture, and is a realistic inheritance of the Shougang spirit of "100 years of Shougang, 100 refinements into steel". The sculpture also combines intelligent technology, with ultrasonic sensors and intelligent lighting at the bottom of the sculpture, which can control the flashing lights independently when visitors enter, forming a rich interactive experience.




The Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games


Civic & Cultural / Other 


143 ㎡

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