Yunxiao International Hotel

The Yunxiao International Hotel project is located in the core area of the new CBD, across a road from the city government and adjacent to the largest wetland park in the city. Its geographical location is very important and superior. After the completion of the project, it will become the highest end five-star luxury hotel in the city, a new city gateway and a new landmark.

MIND DESIGN has offered one package service ranging from initial planning, architectural concept, schematic design, facade design development, landscape design, construction drawing review, etc. Entrusted by the client, the interior design of Yunxiao International Hotel, from concept to construction drawings, has been undertaken by MIND DESIGN as well. MIND DESIGN specializes in providing comprehensive project development strategies.

Hotel design concept: Qilian Mountains Spring, Hexi Silk Road. It means the majestic Qilian Mountains and the long-standing Hexi Corridor: The tower is shaped like a peak growing into the sky. The north and the south facades of the tower are both vertically subdivided into three parts. The massing is shaped as higher east and lower west. And the color of the glass in the central concave area is specially processed. Therefore, the whole building shape seems like an iceberg with snow melting from the top and watering the garden on the roof and the other water scenes in the courtyard, which symbolizes the flow of lives in nature. Moreover, the vertical division of the facades visually narrows the width of the tower and makes the tower look more upright and elegant. The tilting glass wall is designed on the part where the tower meets the podium. On one hand, it strengthens the peak shape of the tower and makes the bottom look more stable. On the other hand, it smoothens the transition between the tower and the podium and extends naturally as silk.

The most important thing in hotel design is the circulation design. With rich experience in designing star-rated hotels, MIND DESIGN kept thinking carefully about the whole design, from concept to details. In fact, optimizing and improving the circulation from the front to BOH at the designing stage provides sufficient guarantee for the efficient operation and management of the hotel after opening.


Wuwei, Gansu Province, China


Gansu Huatai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd




64,800 ㎡












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